The Food Truck

The Sheherazad Food Truck menu is based on a typical lunch menu in Iraq, which is traditionally made up of appetizers such as Kubba and Borek, served with fresh salads and a variety of fresh vegetables cooked in olive oil. Main courses are vegetable and meat/chicken stews served with white rice or bulgur wheat or rice dishes cooked with meat/vegetables, nuts, raisins and fresh spices. Adding freshly ground spices and herbs enhances the taste of individual dishes. Similar to the Middle Eastern food tradition, our menu will vary by season based on vegetable availability; summer dishes are lighter fare – vegetable, meat/chicken wraps suitable for the warmer weather while winter dishes are heartier with offerings of warm  winter soups made from a variety of pulses and vegetables or locally sourced roasted legs of lamb.  Hot drinks appropriate for colder weather will replace our signature summer lemonade with fresh mint.